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Katsucon 2008!!!

Me proposing my love to nell!Laurie ^___________^

This con was seriously AWESOME.  Me and Laurie headed down to Washington D.C. from my small ass Philly house at about...yeah I forget what time.  Anywho, we got there about 4:30 or so and then met up with Lina and Chris, who were staying in our room <3.  Friday night, I put on my plugsuit and met up with my friend Alayna (the make-up artist chick who is exploding with many talents).  Then me and Laurie got changed and had dinner with Mandy, Matt, Lina, and Chris. <3  It was GREAT.  We did Al Bundy poses and discussed things such as "roast beef curtains" "teabagging" and some other usual perverted things.  Then we went back to the room, and me and Chris listened to the Final Fantasy VI opera and tried to sing it like the SNES characters do.  And then he proceeded to rape my itunes and listen to the most random songs on there, while Lina trimmed my L'arc wig and Laurie worked on the costume portion for me, while I tried to fix my Succubus wings.  GO ME FOR BEING PREPARED <3  (And thank you so much ladies!)  Then finally, at like 4am, I think we all went to sleep.

Saturday, I put on my Succubus costume, and I didn't really feel that self-conscious about being naked haha.  I ran into the awesome warlock/priest that I saw on Friday night and took a billion pics <3  She even let me grab her boobie armor <3  I can't tell you how excited I was to see them.  They were the only Warcraft people I saw.  My wings suck balls and my hoof fell off, but other than that, it was a success!  Then, me, Laurie, Mandy and Matt went out for some lunch! (breakfast for meeee ^_^) and I got some crazy stares from the people in the cafe.  Then later on, I got into L'arc and Mandy got into her epic Nono costume for some WICKED photo shoots.  I had wayyyy too much fun running around with my tiny vespa <3.  Then, still in L'arc, the usual food crew (we are so cool btw), headed to some pub to get some dinner.  We all got tipsy and sang Happy Birthday to Mandy <3 TWICE!  Her and Matt are the cutest little couple ever ^_^  Oh, and Chris proceeded to help Mandy beat my ass in an arm-wrestling contest!  I was also really happy that the live entertainer played some U2 songs!!  After that epic hang-out, we headed back to the room to Rave it up!  We were sooooo beat.  I had a dance off with was more like a Retarded off...but nonetheless, I prevailed as best retard. YESSSSSS.

Sunday, I got into my Gendo Ikari costume, and proceeded to make people check out my junk.

I tried lol.  I know that my Warcraft obsession went up another notch this weekend, but who cares!  I got to whip people!

Mandy looked AMAZING as usual <3  and this was my L'arc.  Laurie sewed this up for me, since I am a pattern NOOBCAKE.  And like I mentioned earlier, Lina helped trim the back for me and hairspray the balls out of it <3  I really did have fun wearing this.  I love being in "uniform" lol.

My rave outfit O_o

How hot is my friend Soni <3333333

Laurie clearly rockin it out as Nell.


Mandy being cool and me RIDING MY MINI VESPA WHAT?????

I think I have to retire this :(:(  It's like FALLING APART hahahaha.  And it looks like i did some plumbing work with my hands.

Dear Warlock chick, thank you omg. <3 Gi....errr.... LIEUTENANT COMMANDER RITSUKO.  /salute

Dear Warlock chick, thank you for letting me do this <333333333333

My friend Alayna as Tira :)

= sexy party!!!!!!!

Dear Ritsuko cosplayer, thanks for not getting creeped out when I asked you for your pic.  I was like chasing you across the lobby like a crazed freak <3  I named my priest after Ritsuko -- hence, the obsession. <33333

It's bad that I didn't know this guy was "Master Chief" haha.  I just knew he was a Halo dude!  Excellent costume.

Mandy is definitely a cute ass My Little Pony!!!

Raver Laurie :D

and her make-up :D

Raver Lina!

And her make-up!

LMAO!  Thank you for letting me do your make-up Chris <3333333333333

Homies!  This was before she knew I play an alliance character >: ]

This totally doesn't hurt.

Mandy and Chibi being awesome as usual!


Alayna again!

This is just too awesome.  Reminds me of Anatomy Lab II!

Took her something like 200 hours....... JESUS.  So beautiful in person though.

This is really cool!

I love massive props! 

Me as Gendo and Laurie as Orihime.  Check out our junk!!!!

This is so pretty!

This is absolutely gorgeous, and she is super gorgeous in non-costume as well!

I wish I had freckles IRL. <3


I have 200 pimples YESSSSS

I don't look very convincing hahaha.

YAY random packers fan! haha

I am still GAGA over this.

I still can't get over those damn WoW kids  :O



Record of Lodoss War props!

I tried to be cool and I ended up scary ;_;

So cute!

are you spying on me hooker?!

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