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Otakon 2007!

Besides having a stomach virus from a Blimpie's hoagie, a flat (SHREDDED) tire on i95 going home, and other things that made us want to pull our hair out.... Otakon was fantastic! :)  Laurie drove down from Union, met me here in Philly, and we headed down to Baltimore.

Laurie (newfoundgirlie5) on the ride down coloring a wig :D

My creepy red contacts.

My wig was being gay :l

Forgot my whip, but at least I had a Ryo-Ohki with me :D

My friend Andrew!  Also known as "Dark Walter" in the Hellsing circle :D

An ANBU group, how AWESOME is this.  So many assassins!

I wanted to show them my tattoo, but I didn't lol.

How cool is this?  I wanted to make something in this alchemy circle.  Maybe a sandwhich. mmmm.

Awesome wig!

these wings blew me away.

So pretty!

Holy shit!  I am so glad this pic came out!!!

Scary as shit!




I'm going to have nightmares!

So cute!

Good job with the cardboard! :D

The shit I bought in the dealer's room.  I bought a radiation shirt for work, I am such a dork lol.  That Number 18 bust of for number18 and her new place!  I can't wait to give it to her <3

Oh snap!

What a great Squall.


Chrno!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fantastic wig.

She has nice boobs!  There, I said it!  Also, great wig!

BARRETT!  How often do you see this guy get any cosplay love?

BABY NARUTO ::dies of overdose of cute::


My friend Soni!!!  I love her sneakers and her hair so much omg.


Seifer (pixiekitty015's husband!) is holding my mini-Seifer! :D


I think this is such a great pic of Laurie as prisoner Rukia <333333333

RIZA!!!!!!!!!! God I love her. lol.

Adrienne!!!!!  I love her!!!!!!

This is my friend Lina, her dress is BEAUTIFUL.  And she's the sweetest chick ever. :D

Lina and friends :D

Lina again :D

Laurie as Leaf :D  from Lodoss War.  Too cute.

Omg, it's "Awesome Cloud!"  I love this guy!!!!!  Every single one of his costumes is just perfect.

Holy shit, Kefka.  FF6 ftw. <3

Hisoka and me.

A waiting assassin.

An awesome pencil board of Hunter x Hunter.

Chibi Killua ::dies::

I seriously love the way this pic came out omg lol.


Me, Kurapica, and Hisoka!

Some guy's hellsing shirt!  Awesome stuff.

Too cool for words.

I would have killed to have my Integra costume with me :(  Just to take a pic next to this.

The top of the Hellsing chair thingie.

OMG SHE IS SO PRETTY.  Her costume is simply amazing.

Nice fingers!

This is really good!  Representin FF12!

OMG, I finally got to meet ff7sam and her husband!  How cute are they???  and how clever to have the basket as a purse too! <3

The pics I had printed from the Otakon photographers.

Edea/Seifer vs. Rinoa/Squall.  Who would win?

You're under my control bitch!!!!!!!!! :D

My knight.



CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!  BFF LAWL.

Seifer, me and hatefulsarang!!!!!  She accompanied me around to various bathroom adventures as I was about to puke my brains out :D

OH SNAP mini-me! :O

Cam whores <3

Cutest couple ever, seriously.  Congrats to their recent marriage!!!!!!!

Jamie and me!  Cat fight!!!!

Me with Jamie's hubby as Seifer!

Yay, I got to show someone my FF tattoo that would appreciate it! lol

Right after I put the make-up on.

Yay Record of Lodoss War!

I did Laurie's whore-makeup and butterfly, she's so pretty I love her!

I look like a witch hahahaha.

Rave Gi!

Rave Laurie!

My bracelets and shizzle.

My creepy rave make-up.

Keeping the pimp hand strong.  STILL. ^_-

This was last year, in the same EXACT spot! lol <3

hahahaha oh man we are on crack.

Dude this is awesome.  On our first try with the self-timers.



AHHHHHH.  This was fucking scary.  I semi-lost control of my car on i95, and then as I was going into the shoulder, I really lost control, but luckily I was able to stop and get roadside assistance.  I didn't get home until about 1am.  What a way to end the weekend!
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