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Like Fragments of a broken mind, I splinter by my own design. [entries|friends|calendar]

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July 29th, 2029]

comment to be added. ROAR.

47__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

Fiesta Day! [Tuesday
June 8th, 2010]
yay :D


9__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

June 5th, 2010]

Forgot to pimp this out!  The crazy film thing I did is going to be premiered on the big screen on Monday night at the ghetto theater in south philly!  So excited!

1__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

July 8th, 2009]

Countdown to 12:34:56 7/8/09

0__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

May 12th, 2009]

Note to my friends all over the world:  don't invite me in your wedding party.

6__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

April 8th, 2009]
I'm in love.

13__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

February 12th, 2009]
My cat just broke a 40$ action figure...

28__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

February 8th, 2009]

Alayna:  GIIII, no more funny faces!!!!!!!!

2__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

January 11th, 2009]
How did I lose 2 caps to 2 chapsticks last night.  ;dlkgj;dfkj;lkjkj

And I'm actually scared to go outside with red pants on and my blue winter coat for the fear that someone will think I'm a Giants fan.

3__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

Photographers can dance, too! [Monday
December 1st, 2008]
Ladies and Gentlemen.... I give you,


5__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

November 9th, 2008]
I was being brave with you.  I wish I could throw a pencil into the clockwork of my brain.

3__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

November 3rd, 2008]
Freshly painted silver nails and some Inner City Blues after some Silk City food and ice cream.  Tired but happy.

0__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

Well Hellooooo Championship. [Friday
October 31st, 2008]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Me, Chris, Paul, Jack, LOUISEEEEEEEE and random jackasses!

We ran all the way to Citizen's Bank Park from my house near Broad and Snyder.

I absolutely love the way this came out!  Yay Phillies!


lololol running around like an idiot is sooo much fun!

Louise agrees!!!!


Videos of us being crazy retards and Fireworks on Broad streeeeeet!Collapse )Sounds silly, but this was one of the coolest nights of my life.  I've lived in South Philly my whole live--been in the same house since I was born.  I never saw so many people collectively put their guns down to celebrate something so exciting and all be happy and hold hands and be gay!  It was amazing.  Now I bet I have to wait another 24 years to see a championship ^______^

6__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

2 things. [Wednesday
October 29th, 2008]
1.)  I need funny links.  Like those G.I. Joe PSA's on YouTube, FailBlog type stuff, etc.  Help me, kids!

2.)  I need more Marvin Gaye in my life.

13__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

October 14th, 2008]
As I drove home today from the hospital I feel guilty leaving, I couldn't take my eyes off of the beauty radiating from the sunset.  It had to be an expert painter who did those strokes of pink, orange, blue, purple and white.  I wanted nothing more than to pull over and sit on my roof and watch it transform into something else beautiful.

At that moment, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I miss being in love.  I miss the love of my life who never came back to me.

I want to slow-dance to Al Green's "Let's stay together."

7__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

AUSA 2008 [Monday
October 13th, 2008]
[ mood | crazy ]

So me, my friends Jack and treerootsex , and my cousin Jason drove down to VA pretty early on Friday.  After I got lost a few times and whatnot, we made it there safe and sound.  I threw on L'arc, molested animeangel , and then went to McDonalds and ate the entire place.  Had an awesome time with amazonmandy  doing a Gunbuster 2 shoot <3 Dinner at Ted's Montana Grille was awesome as usual.  So glad to hang out with chibi_plum  and tehsmex  again :)  At this point I was in ballgown!Ivy (Valentine) for the formal ball.  At the ball, I acted like a jackass, and danced with:  some cool guy, heerojf , and Jack!  va_ronin  looked damn good with his James Bond look! And then I went to bed like an old lady lol.  Saturday, I threw on Saya and took a billion pictures with Greg ("Awesome Cloud"), and had a friggin BLAST.  Then I put on Rydia and took a million more pics.  Thanks to Judypoo (thedreamerworld ) <3 I have some awesome shots!  I put on some normal clothes, and stalked Mandy at a photoshoot and then got ready for din din.  Me, Mandy, themattyshow , brilliantnova , Chris, Chris #2, Jack, Jason, and a hot chick and her bf all had dinner at Chili's!  They forgot my sandwhich, so I molested "Hedgie" and talked about my sex life for a few hours.  Oh, and Mandy spanked me in arm-wrestling for the second year in a row!  That slut.  (Thank you for the drink ^_^  I owe you one!) Glad to finally meet Val!  We successfully made Mandy go  O_O  and -_-  and ._.  and "OH MY GODDDDDDD" on several occasions.  ::high fives all around::  After yelling shit at bad parkers, and leap-frogging, I headed to bed again like an old bag.  Sunday, I was tired as shit, said some goodbyes, and headed home.  Thanks to my GPS being a dick, we saw a nice view of the pentagon and the airport!  Good job.  Oh and minuberry , I want to make sweet love to your costumes.  ryoko  and pixiekitty015 , I only saw you both for like .05 seconds, but holy crap you guys always blow me away with awesome.

(I kinda just wanted to see how many LJ user links I could put in 1 paragraph)

Crazy pictures as usual!Collapse )

31__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

October 8th, 2008]
Holy fucking balls, I somehow beat out over 30 people and got the job at University of Penn!  I'm so fucking happy and so fucking sad all at the same time!!!!!  ryoko , we will get to lunch together!

20__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

September 11th, 2008]
While Channel 12 (PBS) is on showing an old special on South Philly....


Me:  ::dead from laughter::

0__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

Otakon 2008 [Monday
August 11th, 2008]
[ mood | tired ]

Friday morning, Maggie, my 2 cousins, and my friend Jack all came over between 9-10am so we could get a good start on driving down to Baltimore.  We ate lego-shaped eggos and watched Robot Chicken while poor Laurie was stuck in traffic getting to my house lol :(  When Laurie got here, we packed up the cars and headed down.  Traffic wasn't horrible.  Going home was a different story.

Highlights of my weekend:

- Hanging out with Laurie <3
- Seeing Maggie before she heads off to Japan for 9 months <3
- Taking pics with Greg as "Awesome Haji" from Blood+
- Dancing with Master Chief at the Rave.
- Seeing Elevator-Tetris.
- Jessie's boob.
- Getting away with carrying my giant Saya sword on Friday.
- Meeting up with lots and lots of friends :)

Things that made me want to set things on fire:

- Forgetting my badge for the Rave lol..........
- Missing some cool people :(
- TRAFFIC on the way home grr
- Not having enough time in the dealers room.
- Cheesecake Factory - the wait, attitudes, waitresses, old people, etc.

newfoundgirlie5, number18, and me, representin' crazy.

66__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

An Afternoon on South Street. [Sunday
July 27th, 2008]

12__ROAR!__Bitch, please.

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